Has been’s, might be’s, and the right now’s


the present and the PresenceWhatever has happened has happened.  The past cannot be changed. What’s done is done.  That part of your story has been written.

Whatever will happen will happen.  You can’t control what will happen.  What will be will be. That part of the story has yet to be written.

Considering these truths, our lives are a story in which the ink has dried on previous pages, and those to come are completely…

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Whom you can neither please or change

You can neither please everyone nor change anyone.

I posted these words on social media earlier.

Read them again.

You can neither please everyone nor change anyone.

Memorize those words, because it will change your life.  

It will, as one commenter said on my post, set you free.  

Consequently, another commenter on the same thread wondered what the story was for such a post, such a phrase.


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Freedom in Christ

for freedom

Much has been said about Christian liberty or freedom, often in conjunction with lawsuits and politics — that there is somehow a war being waged against such in our own country.  Sadly mistaken, I’m afraid, and certainly not something you’d want to tell an Iraqi Christian because they know what a war against Christian freedom truly entails.

Unfortunately, this post will address the former…

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Preaching on the Anti-Christ

Preaching on the Anti-Christ

In my almost ten years of preaching on a regular basis, I have never delivered a sermon on the anti-Christ, even thought much about it, until this past week when, during my series through the first letter of John, I had no other choice but to do so.

Of course, I didn’t haveto.  I could have avoided it like an angered wasp, as many mainline protestant preachers like myself often do, leaving it to…

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The Simplicity of a Summer’s Eve

The Simplicity of a Summer’s Eve

The simplicity of stars
Crickets and crackling fire.

The stars used to be thought of
As holes in the floor of heaven
Offering a glimpse into things divine
God and all celestial hosts
Staring back at us.

Crickets in chorus
Have long stilled the hearts
Of the soon to be slumbering
Angelic harp strings
Strummed by insect legs.

The fire
Slowly fade
To ashes

As simple
As that
As a…

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What the Church Can Learn from Jr. High Campers

What the Church Can Learn from Jr. High Campers


They stood from the wooden pews as one body, wearied from a long week of challenges typical for the camp where they had come for a week during their ever-shortened summer, and they sang.

It was more than just singing. It was worship, the likes of which a seasoned pastor such as myself is unused to on typical Sundays, for everyone sang – adolescent voices alongside college-age staff members, led…

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Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. — Robert Tew (via vehlevet)

(via inhabitude)


Loving & Representing Christ (Mat 10.37-42)

Loving & Representing Christ (Mat 10.37-42)


Somewhere along the line, Jesus has become the president of some elitist, members-only club, which people see as being full of exclusive and selfish hypocrites.  He has become a self-help guru, or some sort of spiritual banking machine, dispensing wisdom and favor to help a person feel better about themselves, secure a place in the after life, and be blessed with…

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This blog is moving.

This blog is moving.

As any of my followers have noticed, I haven’t blogged regularly here at Sincerely Christian of late — in fact, I’ve barely blogged at all.

Like many of you, and others who may have happened upon this, my final post on this blog, it became something I had been forcing myself to do, and with nothing to show for it.  I spent most of my time thinking, “I have to blog, have to blog, need to make time…

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